Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cosgrove forgets he's in opposition

Scoop is running a press release apparently from the New Zealand Government, headlined "National is writing law and order bills on the run". It's from Hon Clayton Cosgrove, Labour's law and order spokesperson.

I don't know if he snoozed right through election, or simply can't conceive of a world in which they are not the Government anymore, but you'd have thought someone would have picked up the mistake. The amusing thing though is seeing Clayton Cosgrove, author of boy racer legislation, saying things like "National appears more interested in political theatre than constructive debate". I remember very clearly watching Clayton's performance in the House and 'constructive debate' was not his MO! In fact his primary strategy for building political support is to kick anyone he thinks is unpopular.


Anonymous said...

This time Nandor is correct because Clayton Cosgrove was a Union Organisor I understand thererefore quite used to being abrasive and I might add very ignorant of decent quality facts but thats how Helen Clark Labour Government preferred that scenario.

Tane said...

That would have been Scoop's mistake. They quite frequently misattribute press releases.