Friday, February 19, 2010

Just bought a ger

It's second hand, made by Jaia of Motueka. I've been looking for an affordable ger (yurt) for many years now and consider these the best available for NZ conditions. Light covering, so it wouldn't stand up to a Mongolian winter, but fine for Aotearoa (although we'll see what its like come July). Very well designed, with khana that slot together without needing a tie, fitted covers, beautiful cedar poles, khana and door, and a very traditional toono (crown) (not sure which specific tribes it is based on).

The whole thing is shaped from the outside like a mongolian ger, but has no crown posts. It's a beautiful structure, and it now means we have somewhere to medititate, do tai chi and for Ngahuia to practise dance. It also means we can accomodate guests.


オテモヤン said...
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Durham said...

Cool, Nandor.

My cousin in Takaka has one, I went to check it out when back in NZ last month for Tim's wedding.

She has set it up good with a kitchen (no plumbing obv.), solar panels and battery kit for power, some type of water heater that absorbs energy from the sun (no solar panels on that device) and a composting toilet.

Definitely look into some sort of insulation for winter though, IMO.

rtfgvb754 said...
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fraser said...

looks awesome

the shadows off the outside plants on the interior walls is a nice (unintended) touch